History droplets.

Mr. extinguished the year 1609 in the Very Noble and Loyal City of Santiago de los Caballeros de León was founded in 1523-1524 by Captain Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba, on the shores of Lake Managua, near the Indian village Imabite, in the shadow of Momotombo, Capital of the Republic of Nicaragua volcano, when the neighbors were alarmed by the rumblings of Vulcan imposing.

The following days saw a growing telluric fury impatient both animals and humans, as they pleased as the final eschatology. "It's punishment from the Lord, who curses the land was opened for blood of Bishop Valdivieso (first killed Bishop - martirizado- on American soil). ". And what new exódico people, chaired by the images of the crucified Jesus and the Mother of the Lord, undertook the January 18, 1610, AH hasty ending on 20 of the same month and year, with the foundation of the new city in the current location.

As a sign of real change, the name of the city - lion - and will not refer to the Roman legions (Legionensis) as peninsular offered by the namesake, but the strength, nobility and royalty of the King animal (leonesis), whose interpretation remains to date.

The Portal 1610 refers directly to this recasting, and is offered as a "gate" for the understanding and enjoyment of our realities. ethnic, cultural, artistic and religious

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